Examine the physical, cognitive and social development we undergo throughout our lives. Developmental Psychology by Monash University is a lifetime opportunity for those who want to learn developmental psychology.

Find out about the mental changes that all people experience

There are three kinds of human advancement that are continuous for the duration of our lives: psychological, social, and physical.

On this course, you’ll find the critical advances inside these diverse improvement types. You’ll take a gander at how they are attached to mental changes and explore how and why they happen.

You’ll investigate what impact qualities and the climate have on turn of events and consider whether advancement is consistent or intermittent.

You’ll additionally investigate the abilities required to direct research inside the territory of psychology.

Comprehend the essentials of human turn of events, life expectancy hypothesis, phases of advancement and end-of-life

Present day psychology inclines toward different hypotheses to assist us with getting social and intellectual turn of events. This course will assist you with investigating and recognize them to acquire a language for examining formative psychology. You’ll distinguish key changes inside human turn of events and consider distinctive exploration models inside them.

A solid comprehension of formative psychology is vital for anyone who might want to work or concentrate in the field, and can be unimaginably helpful to teachers, guardians, and individuals who might want to comprehend their own particular manner of seeing the world somewhat better.

This course requires no related knowledge – an unmistakable fascination for psychology will get the job done.

It will demonstrate especially significant on the off chance that you’ve accomplished a four year college education in another subject and might want to improve your science and examination capacities.

What will you achieve?

By the end ofDevelopmental Psychology by Monash University, you‘ll be able to…

  • Explain a range of terms used in developmental psychology.
  • Describe different research designs and critical considerations in developmental psychology.
  • Identify some of the key transitions associated with different phases of development throughout the lifespan.
  • Compare the various theories that help us u

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Course Details

Host countryOnline
Education LevelN/A
Financial coverageFully Funded
EligibilityInternational Students
DeadlineAll year round

Available Programs

The Developmental Psychology by Monash University provides:

  • Introduction to human development
  • Lifespan theories
  • Stages of development
  • The final stage of our lifespan

Eligibility Criteria

Developmental Psychology by Monash University is for anyone interested in psychology – you don’t need any past experience.

It might be of particular use to learners who have already completed a Bachelor degree in other disciplines who are interested in expanding their science and research skills.

How to Apply– Process

To apply for the Developmental Psychology by Monash University:

Visit the official website. If you have already an account on FutureLearn, then click on the Join course for free. If you are new here, then you need to do registration first. The registration process is very easy and clear. To register, click on the word RegisterYou can register with your email id or Facebook sign-in.

FAQs about Developmental Psychology by Monash University

What are the course details?

On this course, you’ll find the critical advances inside these diverse improvement types. You’ll take a gander at how they are attached to mental changes and explore how and why they happen.

What will you accomplish?

Survey the standards by which brain research is viewed as a science. Examine the focal precepts of the major hypothetical systems that have formed the cutting edge control of brain science. Distinguish the pioneers of brain research related with structuralism, functionalism, behaviorism, cognitivism, and analysis.


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