8TH ASEF PUBLIC DIPLOMACY TRAINING 2022 is currently accepting applications from those who want to partake in internet learning and online courses in humanitarian sciences.

The ASEF Public Diplomacy Training (ASEFPDT) consolidates participatory internet learning and eye-to-eye cooperation encouraged by open tact specialists and mentors. The modules are intended to keep members side by side with new advancements in the field through distributed picking up, dissecting contextual analyses, and planning vital missions.

ASEFPDT Alumni are urged to apply the down-to-earth abilities they obtained through the online course and the vis-à-vis preparation in their work to expand unfamiliar and homegrown public consciousness of the ASEM Process and ASEF.

Since its commencement in 2013, ASEF has co-coordinated 7 mentored online courses and 7 eye to eye joint efforts, across Asia and Europe, profiting in excess of 250 junior ambassadors and government workers from 52 ASEM Partners.

The 23rd ASEF Summer University brought together 86 participants and Hackathon Team Leaders from 39 ASEM Countries.

Below is a list of 8TH ASEF PUBLIC DIPLOMACY TRAINING 2022 details:

Program Details

Host countryOnline
Education LevelBachelors/ Masters
Financial coverageFully Funded
EligibilityInternational Students
DeadlineOctober 21, 2022

Program Value

8TH ASEF PUBLIC DIPLOMACY TRAINING 2022 provides various scholarship advantages. Below is a list of them:

  • Through the Online Course and the Specialized Virtual Workshop Series, members will acquire experiences in the current public discretion endeavors in Asia and Europe and how to lift their public strategy abilities to be applicable to the current necessities. The particular targets are to:
  • Empower members to extend their insight into a public impression of Asia and Europe, bi-provincial elements, and what these mean for the aim and plan of their main goal;
  • Give useful abilities to define, create and convey successful public strategy missions and projects to advance the ASEM Process through genuine models and contextual investigations; and
  • Increment organizing openings for ASEM negotiators, government authorities, and common society entertainers to trade best practices and advance further comprehension of Asia-Europe relations.
  • No application or participation charges. The coordinators will cover all preparation charges.

Available Programs

8TH ASEF PUBLIC DIPLOMACY TRAINING 2022 will consist of 2 components:


In light of the recent global COVID-19 pandemic, the Online Course component of ASEFPDT will be complemented with a specialized virtual workshop series instead of the usual physical training.

First Component:

Online Course (23 October to 17 December 2020) – The online part of ASEFPDT8 is planned and overseen by DiploFoundation. The modules planned by the preparation association are the accompanying:

  • Module 1. Public discretion: Concepts and strategies
  • Module 2. The changing essence of Asia-Europe relations
  • Module 3. Pictures and discernments in open discretion
  • Module 4. Utilizing computerized devices and web-based media in open tact
  • Module 5. Non-state entertainers in open discretion
  • Module 6. Instructions to deal with a public strategy crusade

(The main week is about Course Introduction and Orientation and the last week is allotted for the Final Assignment.)

Second Component:

Specific Virtual Workshop Series (February 2022) – Participants who have effectively finished the Online Course will have unique admittance to the selective ASEFPDT Virtual Workshop Series. The workshops will be driven and encouraged by key specialists in the fields of public discretion, interchanges, and worldwide relations. The points we are investigating incorporate emergency interchanges, intercultural correspondence, and strategic dealings. These themes are liable to changes.

Eligibility Criteria

The Eligibility Criteria of 8TH ASEF PUBLIC DIPLOMACY TRAINING 2022 are as follows:

  • MA degree, or same, or BA degree within any event 3 years of strategic working experience
  • Presently working in the Asia-Europe setting
  • High capability in English
  • Interest in open discretion, public undertakings, or interchanges
  • Early-/mid-profession negotiators in divisions managing Asia, Europe, or ASEM in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs or likeness to the ASEM Partners
  • Early-/mid-profession negotiators presented by ASEM Partners on ASEM nations who are managing public strategy

For more information visit the official website (link provided below)

TARGET PARTICIPANTS (up to 30 participants)

  • Early-/mid-career diplomats in departments dealing with Asia, Europe, or ASEM in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs or the equivalent of the ASEM Partners
  • Early-/mid-career diplomats posted by ASEM Partners to ASEM countries who are dealing with public diplomacy


  • MA degree, or equivalent, or BA degree with at least 3 years of diplomatic working experience
  • Currently working in the Asia-Europe context
  • High proficiency in English
  • Interest in public diplomacy, public affairs, or communications

How to Apply– Process

Applicant’s resume by ASEM Ministries of Foreign Affairs ought to be shipped off to ASEF’s venture facilitator (see “CONTACT” underneath) by means of email, expressing the name, position, and email address of the competitor.

Applicants are needed to present a CV and an inspiration letter, specifying the candidate’s advantages and want to partake in the Training. Letters ought to be routed to Dr. Yannick BINEAU, Director, Governance and Economy Department, ASEF.

Chosen members will later be approached to fill out an application form. The last date for applying is Thursday, 15 October 2020.


What benefits will I get as a member?

As a member, you will be allowed the chance to learn and share your insight on the advancement of economical and liveable ASEM urban communities through a nearby “Innovation” and Challenge Hub.

What programs are offered?

ASEF SUMMER UNIVERSITY will be directed under the topic “ASEM Cities of the Future: Developing Liveable Habitats” and it comprises a blend of down to earth group works out, provocative talks, bunch research, and experiential learning.


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